AGATE - Agate is all about stability! A super grounding stone bringing emotional and physical balance. It will work slowly and gently but with great strength. Agate can improve concentration and it’s love for truthfulness will encourage one’s own truth. All while helping the heart overcome negativity and bitterness.

AFRICAN TURQUOISE - Not actually Turquoise at all this beautiful stone is actually a type of jasper from Africa that has been treated to give it that rich bluish green colour. It is a positive stone that encourages personal development and spiritual growth and protection. It's a stone that enhances communication and motivates you to step into your truth.

AMAZONITE - A beautiful soothing stone! You will feel instant calm with Amazonite by your side. If you are needing a little push to help find your life’s purpose amazonite can help! It will also assist with manifesting your hearts desires. Also known as a stone of luck! A good one to keep and have on you always.

AMETHYST - Amethyst is a crowd favourite and it's easy to see why! It's a protective stone with strong healing and cleansing powers that can help enhance meditations and spiritual awareness. Mentally amethyst will calm the mind bringing common sense and balancing out highs and lows. Fantastic for anxiety, grief, fear and rage.

ANGELITE - Angelite is know for creating a deep feeling of peace, calm and tranquillity - Making it a popular choice to turn to for a restful sleep. Often used by spiritual healers as it's known to encourage telepathic communication and open you up to spiritual inspiration. 

APATITE – The stone of Manifestation! Apatite is attuned to the future yet can connect to past lives. It is known to assist in devolving psychic gifts and  to deepens meditation. Apatite increase motivation and will induce openness and social ease, encouraging extroversion.  

APOPHYLLITEApophyllite has a really high vibration which will give you an energy boost and lift your spirits. It's also known to help you enhance your intuition. The energies of this stone will make your senses sharper and your visions clearer, while making you more sensitive to things, events, and people in your life.

AQUAMARINE -A stone known for it's beautiful calming energies that help lower stress levels.  It supports you when you feel overwhelmed with responsibility. Aquamarine can also helps break through blocked communication and encourages you to work with how you really feel. 

ARAGONITE - An earthy and grounding stone, Aragonite can help you to centre yourself before meditation by helping you to relieve stress and anger while bringing patience when you need it the most.  A stone of deep thinking it helps you live your life with an open heart and open mind.

ASTROPHYLLITE - is a protective stone that removes negative energies.  It also helps you to release things that are holding you back and restricting you from personal growth. Astrophyllite will guide you in times or despair to help you see that when one door closes another door opens. 

AURA  - Aura crystals provide a calm and relaxing effect on the emotional body and are soothing and healing to the aura. They help with releasing negativity, stress and long held doubts about one's self-worth. 

BLACK OBSIDIAN - Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass and known as the stone as honesty and truth. Black Obsidian brings protection and repels negativity and removes unloving thoughts. Black obsidian also helps with emotional healing and clarity.

BLACK TOURMALINEKnown for being a protective stone - Black Tourmaline will help create needed boundaries in your life - While also dissolving any dormant energies. Pop a piece near your computers of phone to remove any electromagnetic energy.

BLACK TOURMALINE IN QUARTZ A combination of two power houses! Black Tourmalinated Quartz gives you both the amplifying and cleansing properties of quartz and the grounding and protective properties of black tourmaline. 

BLOODSTONE – Bloodstone fills you with a surge of courage, self-esteem and energy. It’s a  stone often used to help overcome traumatic experiences. Mothers have been known to sew into the lining of their children’s clothes to help them with bullies. Emotionally bloodstone is grounding. 

BLUE AGARAGONITE – A stone of hope! This beauty will help you be more compassionate when dealing with people. It will also aid you to handle stressful situations more calmly.

BLUE CALCITEThis crystal soothes, amplifies and cleanses energy. Just having Calcite in a room will clear all negative energies from the space. Blue Calcite in particular is wonderful for relaxation, soothing nerves and lifting anxieties. 

BLUE DUMORTIERITE - A stone of courage, patients and peace. Pop this beauty on your desk when studying as it's know to encourage organization, self discipline, willpower and increase motivation. 

BLUE GOLDSTONE - A beautiful uplifting stone that brings a positive energy that builds confidence,courage and self acceptance.

BLUE LACE AGATE - This pale blue beauty is a wonderful healing stone known for it’s calming energies. It will assist you with expressing your feelings while helping you not become overwhelmed allowing you to speak your mind without fear of being judged or rejected. 

CARIBBEAN CALCITE - A fairly new stone in the world of crystals with this beauty only discovered in Pakistan in 2019! We are still learning about this new gem but it is known to be soothing and gentle bringing immense calm. It's still uncertain how much Caribbean Calcite there is available or if this recent discovery is just a small pocket of beauty - Therefor get in quick!

CARNELIAN – This special stone was once called The Setting Sun by Ancient Egyptians. It's known as a stone of life and vitality and is believed to assist with female fertility. Also a great stone if you feel like your relationship in in a lull and you are wanting to relight the flame! Carnelian is useful stone in helping you overcome abuse and will encourage self forgiveness and self love. 

CELESTITE - Celestite is a beautiful calming and uplifting stone that helps to elevate worries and sooth fiery emotions bringing overall inner peace. Celestite is known for boosting your physic ability and to open communications between you and your guardian angels. It also promotes purity of the heart and assists in conflict resolutions. 

CHOCOLATE CALCITE - This beautiful chocolate brown calcite is one of encouragement. It will give you that little boost to chase your dreams and say yes to opportunities that come your way. Like all calcites it is a cleanser of energy that brings overall happiness and peace. 


CITRINEThink of citrine as the perfect little tool to rejuvenate your spirit and put a little bounce in your step! Carrying with it the power of the sun citrine is energising and will help you get all creative like! If you are after a stone that brings happiness ( goodbye all the gloom + doom) , generosity and raising your self-esteem than look no further!

CHERRY QUARTZCherry Quartz is a stone of love, forgiveness and hope. It's know to attract love, romance and relationships while bringing harmony and strength and even a sense of rejuvenation to existing relationships. It promotes stability and encourages determination and assertiveness. 

CHRYSOCOLLA -Besides being absolutely stunning, Chrysocolla enhances personal power and inspires creativity. Within the home it will draw off negative energies of all kinds. It will calm, cleanse and reenergize. It is also beneficial to relationships that have become rocky stabilising and healing both the home and personal interaction.
CHYTHA -Chytha is known to enhance your intuition and physic abilities.  It promotes a positive attitude and removes toxic influences from you life. Keep on you for an increase in luck.
CLEAR QUARTZ - Clear Quartz is a crystal that brings overall harmony and balance to all it's surroundings. Known as the master healer in the crystal world, it protects from negativity and amplifies energies of all other gemstones in it's presence.... HELLO MAGIC!
CRAZY RED LACE AGATE - Fall under the Agate umbrella you will find this stone to be soothing and calming while still helping to ground and balance you emotionally.
DALI JASPER  - This beautiful crystal encourages relaxation and patience while bring support and comfort during times of stress. This little piece of magic is also known to protect once from malice from others. 
DALMATIAN JASPER - trouble sleeping or your little one having nightmares? Pop a piece of Dalmatian Jasper on their bedside table to help overcome - Or gift a piece to a loved one to strengthen the bond. (This includes friends +family)
DENDRITIC AGATE - Dendritic Agate is known as a stone of prosperity, abundance and growth helping to bring fulfilment to all areas of ones life. Carry on you for protection while travelling. 
DESERT ROSE SELENITE -Desert Rose Selenite is a beautiful and unique crystal that is naturally formed. These stunning creations are formed from a combination of water, sand and wind. Desert Rose Selenite is know for its protection, prosperity and purification properties.
EMERALD -Emerald is a stone that offers unconditional love and patients. It promotes loyalty, balance, contentment and success in relationships.
FLOWER AGATE -Flower Agate is known for its beautiful, soft and feminine energy that encourages you to live life to the fullest! It will help you to nurture your dreams making it the perfect companion for business owners to help your business flourish and grow. 
FLUORITE  - Fluorite is a highly protective stone that cleanses, purifies, dispels anything within the body that is not in perfect order. This is the best crystal to use to overcome any form of disorganisation. Place on or between you and your computer to dissolve electromagnetic smog.
FUCHSITE - Fuchsite is a stone of renewal and regeneration, imparting resilience after trauma or emotional tension.
GARNET - A super healing stone that is known to alleviate depression. It enhances love between partners encouraging love and devotion. 
GOLDEN CALCITE - Calcite is a super amplifier and cleanser of energy! Golden Calcite in particular clears stagnant energy blockages and encourages spiritual development. This crystal is also known to reduce tension that causes headaches.
GREEN AVENTURINE -Green Aventurine is an all-around healing stone often used to loosen and release negativity and energy blockages, including disease. Green Aventurine is also known to increase intelligence, perception and creativity.
GREEN OPAL -Green Opal has long be considered to be a gentle stone of change. It also assists in mending relationships including friendships, business, romantic and family. 
HIMALAYAN QUARTZ - Himalayan Quartz crystals are known to help one keep calm under pressure. They are a wonderful meditation tool and radiate joyous and uplifting energy. They help with keeping a positive disposition and as a result help one to shield themselves from negativity.
HONEY CALCITE - Honey Calcite is know for encouraging self-worth. It will increase your feelings of confidence, courage and strength helping you to over come any personal obstacles. It helps you to feel grounded and focus your energies so you can successfully complete any goal you set for yourself. 
HOWLITE -A great stone for emotional healing and helps those who frustrate or become overwhelmed easily by giving you patience and persistence.
JADE - A popular choice to carry on you as jade brings harmony and good luck. It's also soothing and cleansing and promotes self - sufficiency. 
K2 STONE -Originating from the mountain next to K2 peak (the second highest mountain on earth) K2 stone deepens our connection with the universe.  It can help you find strength while doing intuitive work and opens ones consciousness to receive guidance from a higher dimension. 
KAMBABA JASPER -Also known as crocodile jasper this stone brings tranquillity and wholeness.  Jasper is a protective stone that absorbs negative energy while also clearing electromagnetic and environmental pollution
KYANITE - Kyanite is often used with meditation and known to increase your physic abilities and intuition. It amplifies energy and encourages compassion. This beautiful stone does not hold negative energy, therefore never requires cleaning.
LABRADORITE - Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, also know as the bringer of light. It will deflect unwanted energies and prevents energy leakage. Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities and the psychic debris from previous disappointments, including those experienced in a past life
LAPIS LAZULI - Rich in colour. Beautiful Lapis is cleansing and purifying and helps develop and increase ones intuition and the ability to contact spirit guides.
LEPIDOLITE -Call upon Lepidolite for sense of calm and tranquillity during times of stress and chaos. Lepidolite helps to balance the mind and spirit, especially when you need to cool off fiery emotions. This gentle healing stone also clears electromagnetic pollution's - Simply pop on your computer and let it do it’s work!
LODOLITE - Lodolite is a type of quartz with the most stunning inclusions making each piece unique.  Also known as garden quartz due to the inclusions making each quartz look like it's only little rain forest, underwater world or sweet little garden scene.  Lodolite is an emotional healing stone which aids by releasing any past life trauma.
MALACHITE -Malachite is a copper mineral that is well known for it's beautiful banded formations. It will absorb and releases negative experiences and old trauma. Malachite enhances ones imagination and creativity while assisting you on growing emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
MANGANO CALCITE - A beautiful gentle stone that assist with your emotional well being. It encourages unconditional love and and self confidence not only in yourself but those around you. 
MOOKAITE - A beautiful stone found in Western Australia which brings positive energies. Known for it's vibrant tones of mustard, pinks, reds and creams which reflect some of Australia's most beautiful and unique landscapes. Mookaite is a protective and grounding stone that also promotes an ageless spirit willing to seek new experiences and adventures. 
MOSS AGATE - A beautiful stabilising stone that will help connect you with nature.  Moss Agate is said to refresh the soul and enable you to see beauty in all things. Psychologically it can improve your self-esteem, balance your emotions and reduce stress.
MOONSTONEMoonstone is the stone of the mother moon and known for its energy -  A Deeply feminine, sexual and nourishing energy that knows how to heal you and bring you back to wholeness. Moonstone promotes intuition and empathy and will encourage lucid dreaming, especially at the time of a full moon.
OCEAN JASPER - Jasper is derived from a Greek word meaning Spotted Stone - This beautiful crystal encourages relaxation and patience while bring support and comfort during times of stress. This little piece of magic is also known to protect once from malice from others.  
ORANGE CALCITE - If you are looking for an all rounder.. Look no further! Orange calcite has got you covered. Like all calcite it's a healing stone that assists you physically, emotionally and mentally helping you to feel and function at 100%. It energizes, cleanses and brings positive energy in to all area's off you life. 
PEACOCK ORE - Peacock Ore is a beautiful stone of joy and happiness! It will help you to channel all that positive energy while encouraging you to pass that uplifting vibe on to others. This beauty will also help get your creative juices flowing and lift your self-esteem.
PINK AMETHYST - Found in Argentina these rare beauties will fill your heart with love! The colour of Pink Amethyst actually come from inclusions of hematite and iron inside the points - throwing off tones of pinks and salmons. Hold pink amethyst while meditating to enhance your intuition. 
PINK CALCITE - Pink Calcite Is a stone of the heart and forgiveness. It will release fear and grief that keep the heart trapped in the past, bringing unconditional love.
PINK JASPER - Jasper is is known for it's super supportive, reassuring and earthy properties. Throw in some pink and you take it to the next level, bringing inner peace, empathy and tenderness.
PINK OPAL - Pink Opal is another stone of the heart. It's emotional healing stone that offers love, acceptance and forgiveness. It's a gentle and will fill your heart with tranquillity and peace helping you to feel emotional calm and stable. 
PINK TOURMALINE - Like all tourmalines this crystal will purify and cleanse. But it is Pink Tourmaline that you can turn to for matters of the heart. Pink Tourmaline is know to assist with healing the heart of old wounds while bringing a sense of relaxation and comfort. It will leave you with an energy of love and kindness. 
PISTACHO CALCITE -A beautiful and gentle stone that is know to help you through major changes/transitions in your life. Pistachio Calcite will help ground and centre you, bring success and as with all calcites cleanse and sooth energy. 
POLYCHROME JASPER - Polychrome Jasper (also known as Desert Jasper) is an extremely grounding, nurturing and stabilising stone that will deepen your connection with Mother Earth.  Known for it's vibrant colours it brings creativity, passion and joy. 
PHEHNITE -Prehnite is a spiritual stone that is often used with deep meditation.  Prehnite calms the mind and is also know to alleviate nightmares, phobias and deep fears. 
PYRITE -Pyrite is a protective stone that will absorb any negative energies. It is know for encouraging strength of the mind, willpower and enhancing your memory!
RHODONITE - A beautiful gentle and soothing stone that helps heals emotional wounds. Rhodonite encourages self love and forgiveness and removes anger and fears.
ROSE QUARTZ - The crystal of self love! Rose Quartz holds mothering caring energies making it perfect during pregnancy by holding on your stomach to connect with your unborn baby. Also used for depression and  post natal depression this beauty helps you overcome any kind of abuse 
A stone of nurturing self respect and unconditional love. 
RUBY IN FUCHSITERuby in Fuchsite is a powerful crystal for physic work as it stimulates intuition. It brings the unconditional and tough love of fuchsite with the courage and passion of ruby with the control to not be impulsive. 
RUBY IN KYANITE - A strong stone that bring protection, peace and balance. Ruby in Kyanite encourages a passion for life, promotes positive and clear dreams and increases psychic abilities.
SELENITE - Selenite is a calming stone that brings deep peace and is excellent for meditation. It brings clarity and guidance and provides protection from negative energy providing a creating a safe space. Selenite cleanses crystals renewing their energy.
SHIVA LINGAM -Shiva Lingam is a sacred egg shaped stone made up of jasper from a river in western India. It is know to increase vitality and improve your overall health and well being. 
SHUNGITE - Shungite is an ancient healing, grounding and protective stone that is known to boost your overall health and boost your energy levels. It helps with sleep and anxiety and shields any electromagnetic frequencies. 
SMOKY QUARTZ - A super grounding stone that brings tranquillity and deep peace. This stone will help you better connect with mother nature and remove negative energy supporting you through your fears. Smoky Quartz is also known to alleviate nightmares and bring emotional calm.
SODALITEWant to take meditation to the next level… Sodalite! When used with meditation the mind can be used to understand the circumstance you find yourself in.Use Sodalite to clear electromagnetical smog. Simply place on your computer. 
SPIRIT QUARTZ - Known as a stone of spirituality and harmony. Found only in South Africa Spirit Quartz is so powerful! It assists in aligning your chakras, brings peace of mind and freedom from fear. This beauty is often used to take meditation to the next level bringing focus and peace. 
STRAWBERRY QUARTZ - Strawberry Quartz is a beautiful soothing stone that stimulates the heart centre by filling the person with feelings of love. It encourages you to take it all in and live in the moment. Strawberry quartz is known to help you tune in to yourself by and bring stability by removing negative emotions and patterns. 
SUNSTONE -This guy packs a punch! With the energy of the sun it brings so much joy, happiness and passion to ones life! Turn to this beauty when you feel like you are running on empty to cleanse and recharge your batteries. Sunstone is such an encouraging stone that will fill you with strength and determination.
TIGERS EYE - Tigers eyes is a grounding stone that offers protection against negative energy. It will also aid in protection while travelling. It's a strong stone that brings strength, resilience and determination. 
UNAKITEUnakite is a powerful healing stone that helps with stress relief and sleep. It aids in physic abilities and can help you to overcome addictive behaviours.