The whole crystal world can be a little overwhelming, even scary! So I've tried to break it down for you without giving you an insane amount of information.
Crystals can be used for a variety of benefits and in a variety of ways! 
By Touch -  this is perfect for those who feel they need to have particular crystal/s on them at all times. Pocket size crystals sure do come handy - You can take them to work, on holidays. Anywhere! I would recommend popping them in a little drawstring bag for safe keeping. 
At Home - My favourite! To change the energy in and around your home place crystals where you can see them. Start with the basics. Clear Quartz in the entrance to your home to bring over all balance and harmony,  Amethyst on your bed side table for a restful sleep and Rose Quartz in the master bedroom for... wink wink. 
Jewellery - And of course you can wear you favourite crystals - another way to insure you can reap all the magical benefits!
Charging your Crystals
Because crystals are constantly working (absorbing negative energy and healing) they do need to be cleansed in order for them to continue to work their magic. There are a few very simple ways that you can do this.
Moonlight  - On a full moon pop your crystals on a windowsill or a table outside so they can be in the direct moonlight. Leave them out over night and bring them inside again in the morning. 
Smudging - Choose an incense that you like the scent of. Palo Santo is my fav but sage is also very popular. Light it and pass your crystals through the smoke a few times. While I'm cleansing my crystals I also like to give my whole house a cleanse!
The Earth - Find a patch of ground that's dry and bury your crystals. Leave over night and take out in the morning. You may need to give them a quick dust.
Water - Best to use natural spring or rain water. Let your crystals be submerged.  Take them out and allow them to dry in direct sunlight. This is a good option if you are short on time, but please do your research first. Some crystals do not do well in water. And sunlight can effect or even change the colour of some crystals.